The Dangers of Travelling Light

If the rumours are to be believed, then global warming means the chances of enjoying a traditional white Christmas are receding further with each passing year. However, even though you’re just as likely to be watching the children ride their new bike in warm sunshine as through slushy snow, it’s a fair bet that a number of you will still be leaving these shores for the festive break.

Some like the unpredictability of the weather to keep them on their toes, but others like to know whether they’ll be requiring snowshoes or shorts. Whether you’re jetting off in search of guaranteed sunshine on your back or looking to indulge in a spot of skiing, a significant amount of preparation for the trip is sure to take place. Swimsuits and suntan lotion (or maybe a bobble hat and a scarf) will be ticked off the list, while the neighbour will have been tasked with feeding the cat.

However, although the insect repellent will be packed along with five spare pairs of socks, just in case, one important precaution that should be taken is often overlooked. Recent research suggests more than 11 million people went on holiday without travel insurance this summer, while one in eight skiers will to take to the slopes this Christmas uninsured. Some people said they felt they did not need it, while others said they could not afford it. Unfortunately, the unexpected can happen and it almost always hits your pocket harder than the cost of paying for travel insurance.

Medical treatment for accidents and illness can run into thousands of pounds, while cancelling your trip or perhaps having to fly home early could cost a pretty penny too. On top of this, travel insurance can cover the loss of your luggage or holiday money too. So if you’re planning to jet off somewhere this Christmas, my advice is to add travel insurance to your list of things to do. If the unfortunate should happen, it might just save you enough money to go away again next year.

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