7 Tips For Buying Travel Insurance For Seniors

Travel insurance for seniors is essential for those who intend to travel – whether they have health issues or not. Health care is expensive and it’s important to protect your health and your finances.

1) Determine The Type Of Plan
There are several different types of travel insurance. Some policies are for a set number of days and then terminate. Others are for a year – covering multiple trips up to a certain amount of days per trip.
It’s important to think about your future travel plans. How often will you travel, for how long and where will you go?
2) Multiple Quotes In Writing
Obtain multiple quotes in writing. It will keep your organize and save you money.
3) Visit Your Doctor Before You Travel
It’s a good idea to visit your doctor – and get his/her advice – before your trip. Prevention is the key to good health and even more so before you travel.
It is much better to have a doctor who knows your health history prescribe medication or give health advice than going to a walk-in clinic or emergency department when traveling because your little cold turned into something worse.
4) Plan Ahead
Do not delay purchasing travel insurance. It is best to research different providers, compare quotes and give yourself time to review the different options.
5) Be Honest
It’s important to answer the health questions truthfully when applying for travel insurance. If you have to make a claim and the insurance company discovers that you had a preexisting condition that you did not disclose, they may void the policy.
6) Prescriptions
Whenever possible carry as much medication as you will need for your trip. It may be difficult to renew your prescription. If this is not feasible, try to carry prescriptions from your doctor that you can use at pharmacies to renew your medications.
7) Read The Fine Print
It’s important to read and understand the policy. Does the policy have excessive restrictions or conditions? Can you only access health care providers that are in their network?

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