4 Tips For Insuring Young Drivers

For all of us with children in the house, there comes a time in their lives that we as parents all dread. We have been surviving through their mood swings and their know-it-all attitude. Now is that time we have been hoping would never arrive. No I am not talking about them finally getting behind the wheel of a car. I am talking about something that could be more painful. It is time to pay the car insurance bill for our young driver.

If you haven’t talked to your insurance agent yet about adding your young driver to your auto insurance, you might want to sit down first. Auto insurance premiums for teens might make you feel physically ill.

Unfortunately, even though you have raised a perfect little angel, your young driver belongs in a demographic that engages in dangerous behavior when they get behind the wheel. Statistically teens are more likely to be texting, talking on the phone, speeding, and engaging in other behavior that increases the likelihood of them being involved in an auto accident.

When shopping for car insurance for young drivers, it is important to find the most affordable plan available, but without sacrificing safety or leaving gaps in your insurance coverage that leaves you open to law suits that result in catastrophic financial loss.

Here are a couple of tips as you begin looking around for the right young drivers insurance plan to meet your needs.

Check for discounts. That homework can really payoff. Most insurance carriers offer a discount for students that maintain good grades. You also want to find out if your carrier offers discounts for state-sponsored driver’s education classes or other driving safety classes that are available in your area.
Spy on your young driver. They might hate it, but there are tracking devices that can be installed that can monitor things like texting or talking on a cell phone while driving, speeding, and other wreckless behavior that can result in your teen being in an accident. Ask your insurance carrier if they offer discounts like this.

Shop for the right car. You may have the means to afford that sports car your child always wanted, but the insurance cost could be more than your car payment if you buy a vehicle like that. Before buying a car for your young driver, do a little research with your insurance agent into what cars will secure you the best insurance premium.

Compare and save. Loyalty has its rewards, but it doesn’t hurt to see if other insurance providers are willing to give you a better rate in order to bring in your business.

Always, take the time to talk to an agent. They can guide you towards the best discounts and rates available.

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